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Not only "foine", but also, "teh sex."

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24, a perfect circle, akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, alias, alice in chains, alien ant farm, almost famous, amadeus, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, at the drive-in, bad religion, beastie boys, billie holiday, bjork, bob dylan, buffy the vampire slayer, busta rhymes, carrabbas, cave in, chevelle, chili's, circa survive, coachella, coen brothers, coheed and cambria, dating, deadwood, dexter, diet coke, dredg, dvds, dwyane wade, elisha cuthbert, eternal sunshine, failure, faith no more, family guy, fight club, finger eleven, firefly, fishbone, futurama, glassjaw, guitar hero, head automatica, heroes, high fidelity, himym, house, improv, incubus, jagermeister, jane's addiction, jeff buckley, jennifer connelly, jethro tull, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, kevin smith, killswitch engage, las vegas, led zeppelin, living colour, local bands, lord of the rings, lost, martin scorsese, meeting new people, memento, miami heat, miami hurricanes, minority report, minus the bear, modulus basses, monty python, movies, mudvayne, muse, music, mute math, nine inch nails, ninja scroll, onesidezero, open hand, our lady peace, pearl jam, peter gabriel, pink floyd, pixar, playing bass, portishead, primus, pulse ultra, quentin tarantino, quicksand, quizno's, rage against the machine, refused, regina spektor, ren & stimpy, rush, samurai jack, serenity, sevendust, sex, silversun pickups, sinch, sneaker pimps, snot, soul coughing, soundgarden, south park, star wars, steven spielberg, stone temple pilots, strip clubs, sublime, sunny day real estate, sushi, swingers, system of a down, taco bell, taproot, tenacious d, the apex theory, the crow, the decemberists, the godfather trilogy, the mars volta, the office, the roots, the shield, the sopranos, the wire, thrice, tool, tori amos, transformers, travel, university of miami, venture brothers, veronica mars, video games, women